Income Tax Return Services

We take care of every detail of your tax returns from start-to-finish. Please see below our list of services and fees.

Individual Tax Returns

No Income Return

For GST/HST Credit

No slips allowed


Standard Return

Max 10 income slips


  • Charitable Donations

  • Medical Expenses

  • Union and Professional Dues

  • RRSP Income / Contributions

  • Student Loan Interest

  • Tuition Amounts (T2202A form)

  • Child Care Expenses

  • Support Payments

  • Pension Income Splitting

  • Eligible Dependent Amount


Enhanced Return

Unlimited slips

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Employment Expenses

  • Moving Expenses

  • Foreign Pension

  • Principal Residence Exemption

  • Foreign Income

  • Foreign Property between CAD100,000 and CAD250,000.

  • Basic Investment Reporting - Must include T3, T5 or T5008