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What we do


Databooks offers accounting services for small businesses and individuals, using the best technology available in cloud accounting, and charging fair and transparent fees for this.


Why we are here


Technology at your service


Simply put, cloud computing, digital communications, and artificial intelligence have decreased the amount of work necessary to keep the books, as many high-volume tasks such as data entry have been automated in recent years. As a result, you would expect bookkeeping and tax fees to go down, however that is not what happens in many cases. We are here to offer fair fees for our services.


A fee structure that works for you 


In the last few years, many firms have moved their billing method from hourly rate to a fixed fee structure, which is a great advantage for business owners as they can budget these costs more precisely. However, fees are usually based on the number of accounting transactions, which usually doesn't mean much for most business owners. Our fees are always fixed, which is transparent to everyone.


We are real accountants


We believe that you can be your best if you focus on what you do best. We partnered up with companies such as Xero and Receipt Bank because they develop the best software in their fields. We are accountants specialized in bookkeeping and tax for small businesses and individuals.


More time for you


Part of our job is to balance debits and credits. And it's important for us to help you balance your time so you can focus on what you do best.


Our Principles


The four principles that are the core foundation of what we do:

  • Putting clients first

  • Trust, fairness, and transparency

  • Thinking long-term

  • Efficiency through technology


We appreciate your time in reading about us,

the Databooks team

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