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Easy, Compliant, Timely Payroll Services

Payroll automation that simplifies the process with great ease


We can manage your entire payroll process with an accurate and easy service. 

Tired of figuring out statutory holiday payroll for your employees? All you have to do is let us know about changes such as new hires and raises and approve the final payroll. Forget about the hassle of remembering every single step to remain compliant.

Year-End Form T4 T4A Accounting Bookkeeping Services Vancouver Calgary

Year-End Forms

We can prepare your T4's and T4A's for your employee and contractors. We can also calculate and file your WCB returns.

Additional Deductions RRSP Health Benefits Parking Accounting Bookkeeping Services Vancouver Calgary

Additional Deductions

Easily deduct RRSP, health benefits, parking etc. from a paycheck and spend your time growing your business.

Direct Deposit Payroll Accounting Bookkeeping Services Vancouver Calgary

Direct Deposit

Your company’s bank account will automatically be debited, and your employees or contractors will receive the funds in their bank accounts on pay day.

CRA Remittances automation late payment penalty Accounting Bookkeeping Services Vancouver Calgary

CRA Remittances

We can automate the process of submitting your source deductions. This means you don’t have to worry about late payments or penalties.


Payroll services vary substantially depending on several factors, such as:

  • Number of employees

  • Frequency of processing

  • Hirings and layoffs

  • Benefits processing

As such, fees for payroll services are customized based on your business needs.

All plans include:

  • Direct Deposit

  • Employee Portal

  • CRA Remittances

  • Preparation & File of Annual T4 Slips

  • Pay stubs accessible on employee portal

Let's sit down for a call!

All plans include required software.

Payroll Clients get a non-cumulative 20% discount in business tax return services.

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